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Kestenberg Movement Profile

We are very pleased that we have set up another full training program in the Kestenberg Movement Profile (KMP) with Susan Loman which started in June 2017.

The participants will learn exact observation and notation of the diagrams of this movement profile as well as the interpretation for diagnosis and interventions.

Through experiential learning and with the help of video recordings the participants will gain knowledge using all KMP criterias for observation, diagnosis and therapy.
This training is divided into 3 parts.

June, 27-30, 2017 - Part I: tension flow rhythms and shape flow. 
July, 26-29, 2018  - Part II: tension flow attributes 
July, 27-30, 2019  - Part III: pre-efforts, efforts, shaping in directions und shaping in planes.

Basic knowledge in Laban Movement Analysis is helpful.

After successful completion of the training (including a completion of a profile) the participants will receive a Certificate of Completion in KMP.

The training will be taught in English. German translation will be provided.

Susan Loman, Dance/Movement Therapist, M.A., BC-DMT, since 2017 director of the Master’s Program in Dance/Movement Therapy at Antioch University New England in Keene, USA. She was heading the creative arts therapy department of the psychiatric unit of Billings Hospital, worked with infants, toddlers and their parents in the Center for Parents and Children. She is co-autor of: „The Kestenberg Movement Profile: Its Past, Present Applications and Future Directions“, „The Body Mind Connection in Human Movement Analysis“ and „The Meaning of Movement“ and other books. She has been teaching the KMP for over 20 years.

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